We are IPOMOEA which provides English and Chinese translation services mainly in Kanazawa city & Hakusan city, Ishikawa prefecture.



We are willing to accept various translations from business uses such as conference,
telephone conference, business negotiation etc.
to general uses such as attendants and exhibitions.

English, Chinese (Beijingese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong Cantonese) and other.

  • Type A


    academic meeting etc

    Symposium, academic meeting, conference, lecture, workshop

  • Type B


    business talks,
    technical training etc

    Business talks, meeting, television / telephone conference, seminar, company visit, factory tour, technical training, secretary

  • Type C


    attendant etc

    Exhibition, reception, event, transfer, tourism

  • 01


    In the case of only one or a few people who need a translation, at the ear of the target person, We translate with a small voice that does not disturb other people.

  • 02

    Consecutive translation

    It is a method of having the speaker's remarks stop for a short time in a good place and then translation. While accurate translation is possible, But it is necessary to repeat the story of the same content in different languages, so if you use this method in a conference etc, it will take about twice the time of actual conversation contents.

* Please consult separately about simultaneous translation.

Type AType BType C
Per half a dayover JPY 50,000over JPY 30,000over JPY 20,000
Per all dayover JPY 60,000over JPY 40,000over JPY 30,000

Available languages

・For languages other than English and Chinese, we estimate separately. (add over 10%)

About half a day and all day

・All day means within 8 hours of restraint time (including 1 hour break) from 8: 00-18: 00.
・Half a day means within 4 hours from 8: 00-18: 00.
However, if you sit at noon, or if it exceeds 4 hours, you will be charged the day.

Extra fee

・Extra fee (25% increase in basic charge per hour) will be charged every hour.
・We cut down for less than 15 minutes, while we will consider more than 15 minutes as extending the business.


・Depending on the content and place of translation, we can accept short time Interpreter from 1 hour.
・We will propose volume discount when the translation period ranges from several days to several weeks, etc.


・Cancellation fee after confirmation of reservation will be charged for the following set rate of total estimate excluding transportation fee.

5 to 4 days before the expected date of interpreter30%
3 days before the expected date of interpreter50%
2 days before the expected date of interpreter70%
the day before or the day100%

transportation expenses for movement such as home ↔ venue, venue ↔ venue
accommodation fee
food expenses
cost for preliminary survey or pre-meeting
cost for equipment used
other related expenses

After the service is provided, I will ask that customers are satisfied or not.
We will feedback opinion from the customer to the person in charge and try to improve the service.

We are also willing to support preparing for holding academic meeting, lecture, conference, business talks,
technical training etc, and also preparing and translating the report etc after holding.

Inquiry - order

Inquiries about translation· request for quotation

Please contact us by inquiry form, e-mail, telephone etc.


Please provide details on the purpose of interpretation, usage form,
language, etc, as well as your request.

Contact you with a quotation

We will confirm the details of the request and indistinct points,
and will contact you with an estimate.

Order / Contract from customers

Please check the translation plan, rate, contract terms and if you like,
please inform us of the ordering.

Preliminary preparation - Implementation

Prepare necessary materials

From 1 week to 3 days before the translation day, we will ask for information listed below:
handouts and presentation materials used on the day, related documents that let us
understand the purpose and background of communication, schedule and agenda,
the name, affiliation, position of attendee, venue sketch etc.

Meeting etc

In the case of official projects that include highly professional contents or high accuracy
is required, we may ask you to discuss in advance.

Translation service implementation

Translator will translate at designated time / place.
The coordinator will accompany as necessary.

Delivery - End

Sending invoice

We will send you an invoice by mail or e - mail etc until the due date agreed in advance.

Customer feedback

We conduct hearings and questionnaires (voluntary) on translations and services in general.
Based on the content you responded, we will try to improve the quality of service.

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