We are IPOMOEA which provides English and Chinese translation services mainly in Kanazawa city & Hakusan city, Ishikawa prefecture.




Available languages are English, Chinese and other.


Please leave patent search and the
translation of professional fields to us.

Many of special terms and legal terms used in patent related documents are not listed in common dictionaries, especially when it becomes a field with high expertise.
In such circumstances, we are good at translation in electric, mechanical and telecommunication fields, we have experienced numerous translation tasks in the past.


We can deal with both simplified and
traditional translation.

In Chinese there are two types of character, simplified and traditional ones.
Simplified characters are used in mainland China, and traditional are used in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
They seem to be the same kind of Chinese characters but they are actually different, so you need to decide in which to translate.
We will translate to suit the purpose and community.
We can deal with both simplified and traditional characters.


Why people choose IPOMOEA

  • 01

    The earliest founded translation office specialized for intellectual property in Ishikawa prefecuture.

    office IPOMOEA is the office that specializes in intellectual property translation first in Ishikawa Prefecture. When you communicate with distant offices in the Tokyo metropolitan area, for example, you may feel inconvenient as you cannot have face-to-face meetings with them. Our office, which are geographically close, can provide satisfying service by covering such inconvenience.

  • 02

    Support our customers by taking advantage of our extensive practical experience.

    Intellectual property-related practices tend to be shunned because there are a lot of difficult content. office IPOMOEA can advise on such practices as we have rich experience in intellectual property-related practice. We can help you to facilitate the intellectual property-related practices by supporting the works that are required in each scene.

  • 03

    Fine service provided by translators familiar with English and Chinese.

    The representative of office IPOMOEA is familiar with English and Chinese. Even in a case that the project needs both languages, we can work with much care not to make gaps between the contents and we can fully consider differences in nuance. We can offer you fine-tuned services.


Patent translation is required experience of intellectual property. Translators who have the experience of having worked at intellectual assets department in leading manufacturer do the exact translation with an understanding of the expertise and technical content of the patent document.
Also in the process of accepting the translation, we will conduct adequate hearing and work with the task, creating a highly accurate translation document.
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