IPOMOEA places the confidential information of
our suppliers and the confidential information of IPOMOEA as one of the most important items,
builds a system related to information security, also strives continuous improvement at any time.

1. IPOMOEA recognizes that the information from our customers is an important document and concludes NDA
(Non Disclosure Agreement) upon submitted NDA from IPOMOEA according to customer requirements.

2. IPOMOEA stores all of the information that was entrusted to us by customers in a safe area, and strives to prevent virus infection
of the data before happens as well as cuts off the external access.

3. IPOMOEA passes data by using e-mail, FTP, large-capacity data transmission service and the courier, making the information
management. For sensitive data, we will pass upon consultation with appropriate means, such as visiting our client.

4. In IPOMOEA only person in charge handles the data and other staffs do not handle it. If the print and copy is required, we limit their
number and make print and copy to the minimum necessary. The artifacts such as the translation manuscript are aimed at delivering
to the customer and we don't use them without permission or infringe its copyright.

5. IPOMOEA returns your deposit data and materials, or erases and destroys them in appropriate way after customer's approval after the close of business.

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