We are IPOMOEA which provides English and Chinese translation services mainly in Kanazawa city & Hakusan city, Ishikawa prefecture.



Questions (FAQ) frequently asked by customers are listed.


Is there a discount?
We will offer discount to customers whose translation amount is large and who can deal with continuously.
Please feel free to contact us.
How do I pay fee?
For personal customers, please pay in advance. Please transfer money to our bank account.
After confirming the payment, we will start the translation work.
For corporate customers, we will consult payment terms of your choice at the time of quote.
Basically we issue invoice after the delivery and customers transfer money to our bank account.
※ Transfer fee will be paid by the customer.
Do I need to pay business trip cost if we have a meeting in our office?
You don't need to pay business trip cost.
Consultation in our office or your company is free of charge as a general rule.

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What is the language of the investigation report?
Japanese. We can also create in English if you wish.


Please tell me the quote method.
Please send us the data of the document by e-mail. You can also call us.
For a large amount of translation, it is also possible for us to go and pick them up directly to your office, please feel free to tell us.
Please tell me how to calculate the translation price.
If we translate Japanese to English, the price is 16 yen for 1 character.
For example, if we translate "おはよう" in English, it will be 4 characters × 16 yen, 64 yen.
On the other hand, if we translate English to Japanese, it is 20 yen for 1 word. For example, if we translate "Good morning" in Japanese, it will be 2 words × 20 yen, 40 yen. (Not including tax)
Are translation requests of personal accepted?
We offer our service both to personal and corporate customers.
Can I change the original after the request of the translation?
Yes you can. Please consult as soon as possible, as it may be charged additionally if there is a significant change in the contents of the original document after the translation work is undertaken.
Do you offer support after delivery?
Yes we do. We will deal with modification of the translation and so on at no charge. It may be charged additionally if significant changes occurs to the content and the amount of the original document, so please consult us.
Please tell us about the free trial.
For requested manuscripts and other manuscript, we will translate approximately 1 page free of charge. It is possible for you to consider the request after you checked it.
Is it possible to translate short sentences?
Yes it is.
Is it possible to bring the translation manuscript directly?
Yes it is.
Are there in-house translators in your office?
Yes there are.
Could you unify the terms when I have specified terms?
If you give us glossary or reference materials before the translation starts, we will unify the terms and translate along them.
Are you using the translation software (machine translation)?
No I'm not.

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Please tell me the measure of the delivery time.
Delivery time will vary by amount, content and the degree of difficulty of the original document.
We will check the content and make every effort to suit your needs.
Please feel free to contact us.
Can you respond to the emergency translation request?
It depends on other tasks, but we will deal with it as much as possible.
There is no additional charge by the degree of urgency, please feel free to contact us.
Is it possible to deal with the confidential documents?
Yes it is. If necessary, we will deal with it upon conclusion of NDA.

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