IPOMOEA is committed to the protection of
personal information based on the following policy personal information obtained through business activities.

1. Acquisition of personal information
 IPOMOEA doesn't get personal information in false or by other methods.

2. The use of personal information
 For personal information IPOMOEA has acquired, it can be used in purposes indicated at the time of acquisition or in the
 relevant range of business executive if necessary.
 Related purposes are as follows.

 - For our web site, services and improvement
 - For the development and delivery of service you are using
 - For notifying the information relevant to services provided
3. For outsourcing of personal Information
 IPOMOEA, except as provided in laws and regulations, will not provide the personal information to third parties without
 obtaining the consent of the person in advance.

4. For the management of personal information
 IPOMOEA maintains the accuracy of personal information, manage it safely, does not leak it by taking out and external

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